We reach you quickly and know straight away what needs to be done.

If there's a problem our service engineers will be on the scene in a very short time. Trained and equipped to the highest standards and able to draw on a wealth of experience, they are ideally qualified to identify the appropriate solution.

We then coordinate immediate delivery of the required part to your site. But we also understand that good service doesn't just mean quality and reliability – it has to be affordable, too. After all, we want to ensure you are able to keep on working not only reliably, but cost-effectively, too.

Reliability can be planned: with optimised service contracts

Maximum operating reliability combined with maximum cost certainty - that is the service concept on which CLAAS MAXI CARE is based. This additional cover for your machine provides you with a high level of protection which goes beyond the statutory warranty. You choose your individual level of cover so that you know for certain how much to budget for any repairs. This helps you keep your business's finances on track as you no longer have to allow for sudden expenditure resulting from unexpected repair costs. You can also count on us to help you schedule the regular maintenance of your machine.

Reliability can be planned: with precise maintenance costs

Maximum operational readiness and fixed operating costs for your machine: you can only achieve this with a maintenance agreement that is specially adapted to your requirements and the needs of your machine. CLAAS offers you a variable-term maintenance contract which gives you security. With it, you can be sure that all maintenance work will be performed professionally and, above all, on time. Which, in the long run, will also increase the resale value of the machine.

Furthermore, an estimate for individual maintenance and maintenance agreements tailored specially to your machine can be calculated rapidly by our professional service software.

Reliability can be planned: with regular checks

Harvesting machinery, in particular, is subject to continual high stresses over a fixed period. To ensure that your machinery operates reliably throughout its working life, it is important that it is serviced regularly and that wear parts are replaced.

With the post-harvest or annual inspection, the early stages of wear can be identified and concealed damage detected.

We can resolve problems at your site. Even though you might not see us.

The wireless networking functionality of CLAAS TELEMATICS in your harvesting machine offers you more than economic benefits as you work: you also get rapid assistance from the CLAAS service technicians. Mobile telephony and Internet technology are used to transmit the data for the particular machine to the technician's diagnostic equipment or computer. The technician can then make the correct diagnosis from wherever he or she is, and then come directly to you with any replacement parts which are required. The time saved allows you to make better use of your machine.